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This program allows you to have a “pick of the litter" or an adolescent/adult dog for just a fraction of the price. You help us preserve our genetics and become a guardian over the breed. This puppy/dog is part of your family and lives in your home, while the breeding rights are retained by Spur Strap Mini Aussies. Once this dog has completed a short breeding career, he/she will be spayed or neutered. This dog will always remain a member of your family. This program allows for our dogs to live a normal, happy life in families where they get individual attention, at the same time allowing us to continue to build a superior breeding program!

The benefits of this programs are you get the very best that Spur Strap Mini Aussies has to offer.  Breeding stock is chosen based on the best qualities that are outlined in our breed standard. Another wonderful benefit is that your dog will be completely health tested by 24 months of age at no cost to you!

Most all of our dogs/pups available for our Guardian Program will be males. Occasionally we will have a female available as well!

A chance to own our very best

All of our dogs are registered as Miniature Australian Shepherds with the Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America MASCA

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