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Puppy Needs

Congratulations! You've made a wonderful decision to bring a new puppy into your home. Raising a puppy can be a rewarding experience. When challenges arise, just know we are here to help you. The following is a list of items you will want to have in place before entering into puppy parenthood. It is very important that you have everything in place before pick up or he arrives via travel. This sets you up for success from the very beginning.

Included also, are some things that we prefer you NOT do. The methods we suggest are methods we have used for years and they WORK! Best of luck to you and your new puppy!

Crate: Either a 30 or 36 inch. Ask what size your mature dog should need.​ The crate should come with a divider which can be used to give just the right amount of room as puppy grows.

Comb: This is the comb I use 95% of the time. It has long teeth which get under a thick hair coat and its great for keeping the hair from matting when used with the Bath Fresh Mist.

Food: Your puppy will need something to eat the very day it arrives so be certain to order his food and wellness supplement in plenty of time to accommodate shipping. Pick up times will not be scheduled until things are in place so that we know you are equipped to take on the responsibility of a puppy. Most clients choose a Healthy Start Pack instead. This includes the food and wellness as well as other fun items like shampoo, the Bath Fresh Mist, treats, and additional puppy items.  Be sure to order the large size which gives you 20lbs of food. This is a great value and provides you with everything you need to get puppy started!

There are many different choices in dog toys! In fact, it can be a little overwhelming! My advice is to start here with a basic squeaky ball. Puppies love anything that squeak. Avoid rawhide and hard plastic. Choose soft cloth toys. It's recommended you wait to purchase anything additional until you know what your puppy likes. A simple ball will provide him with hours of entertainment. 

All of our dogs are registered as Miniature Australian Shepherds with the Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America MASCA

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